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Kevin Simmons

I'm Kevin Simmons. I help people step into themselves as authentic and powerful speakers.  Here are ten reports from that joyful work!

"There are no words to describe the impact Kevin had on my life. I went from being uncomfortable taking space to becoming a TEDx speaker. In working with Kevin to prepare my performance, I expected to find support with my script and stage presence, and I did. But I found so much more. I went through an 8-month inner journey and complete rebirth. I cried, I laughed, I worked hard, and I overcame some of my deepest fears. Kevin helped me find my voice. Once I found my voice, I was able, for the first time, to find myself and love anything I had to say. This is an experience of a lifetime which I would recommend to anyone seeking one’s truth."

Matatea Changuy, TEDx Speaker


I help you:

Write your story (pitch, presentation, etc.) and share it with confidence and charisma 

Discover and own your body as natural, master communicator

Find, use, and love your true voice, both in work and in life

Create maximum-impact messaging for ideas, products, and entities

Solve vocal and speech-production issues

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My Approach

I believe that you (mostly) already know the answers to the questions you bring.  I help you find them by listening to you better than you listen to yourself.  The rest is just application and technique.


The work is entirely personalized and begins anew each session with a check-in.  What we do is based in three areas of encounter, to be taken individually or in combinations:



Story into Script

  • Identify goals

  • Identify audience

  • Discover the who, what, where, when, and why 

  • Logos-ethos-pathos (lessons from Aristotle and from TED)

  • Co-writing and editing

  • Storytelling demystified



  • Confidence

  • Gesture 

  • Authenticity, freedom

  • Invention, groundedness

  • Unifying script and body language

  • Charisma and presence

  • Size: in-person and on Zoom


Voice and Speech

  • Find, and love YOUR natural voice

  • Healthy vocal production

  • Stamina

  • Clarity, projection

  • Tone, pitch, resonance

  • Singing as vocal therapy

  • Singing as singing

  • Losing (and recovering) your voice

Who I serve

  • Executives, elders, public servants, funding rounders, evangelists, entrepreneurs, engineers, salespeople, influencers, futurists, impromptu wedding speakers, performers, educators, all who attend meetings, singers, actors

  • Anyone with the courage and honesty to begin

  • I am especially interested in working with change agents: BLM and Sunrise and Green New Dealers, NVC practitioners, regenerative agriculturalists, neighborhood communitarians, and all who are working toward a more just, healthy, caring, playful, and free society.

Don't wait any longer to begin the journey to joyful, powerful, authentic presence! Sign up for your free consultation today! Or, visit my Plans and Pricing page to see what's right for you.



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115 Liberty Street Ste. 1
Petaluma, CA 94952

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