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Some people can dunk. Some can find their way across town and back without a smartphone. Others have a great nose and end up designing perfumes or just bothering people with everything they can smell (You mean you can’t smell this thrift-store detergent residue?).


I came in with a great voice. Didn’t earn it. My mother had a beautiful voice; maybe it came from her. Doesn’t matter. How that matters to YOU is that I kept getting told it was great, over and over, but because I hadn’t earned it I felt fraudulent, somehow. Also, I could use it to convince people to do what I thought was cool, which led to some problems. Essentially, I had a superpower but no mission, no respect for my gift. I could, and did, make shit into gold with it, and vice versa.


I was a stage actor, singer, and then opera singer from my early 20s through early 40s. It was then that I developed an understanding of and appreciation for my gift, and mapped the physical, emotional, and social dimensions it occupied. So I knew exactly what was at work…but still no mission.


With the births of my two children, I made the change to teaching high school. I taught choir, drama, and humanities at Waldorf high schools for fifteen years. This is where I found my mission: helping people show up for themselves under the pressure of public performance.


Ten years ago I began offering my voice, speech, scriptwriting, and performance services privately to both adolescents and adults. I’ve coached singers, actors, engineers, entrepreneurs, executives, public speakers, Ted-x presenters, and Mandarin-speaking exchange students.

So that I can serve you best, it’s crucial that I understand what your objectives are.

My 20-minute free consultation is a great way for you to say what you need, for me to listen well, and for us to decide about working together.

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